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Kimmswick, historic charm on the Mississippi River since 1859

City of Kimmswick,
Missouri 63053


Kimmswick, Missouri

Economic Development Report

& Community Participation

Survey Analysis

Fall 2011

When you are standing in the middle of the forest all you will see is the trees. Step out of the trees and look back and you see the forest. A simple concept but it is an action that people seldom take. This report has several purposes:


First, to take a wide-scope look at the City of Kimmswick and what has happened over the last three decades as well as what is happening now.


Second, to help set priorities for economic and community development projects.


Finally, to present to potential funding sources a comprehensive look and inventory of both Kimmswick’s many accomplishments and it many challenges.


When Kimmswick is benchmarked with initiatives like the National Main Street Program it is clear that Kimmswick has come a long way over the last thirty years. This is due to the diligent efforts of the Kimmswick Historical Society, the
Kimmswick Merchants Association, and the government of the City of Kimmswick.

Most of the changes that have occurred in Kimmswick have grown out of grass-roots indigenous efforts and activities and the people involved have every reason to be proud of what they have accomplished. There is still work to be done for Kimmswick to reach its full potential as a viable and sustainable community.


Every person and business that thrives in Kimmswick today should, however, never forget that all of Kimmswick owes a great deal to Lucianna Gladney-Ross: the Benefactress of Kimmswick. Without her efforts in restoration and reservation, Kimmswick would likely not be what it is today. She had vision. She was a leader. But most of all she was a doer. Now let’s see how far those in Kimmswick today can see, how they lead, and what they will do. The legacy of Lucianna Gladney-Ross deserves commitment, meticulousness, and selflessness.


A note to readers: You really do need to read the report to understand the structure of the recommended action steps and the array of research that supports those steps. It is also helpful to read the report to understand how future trends may impact you as merchant, sponsor, or investor.