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Kimmswick, historic charm on the Mississippi River since 1859

City of Kimmswick,
Missouri 63053
City Hall is Located at 6041 Third Street and is the only place in Kimmswick that is authorized to provide official information regarding the operations of city government. The Board Aldermen meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:00pm at City Hall,(Unless otherwise posted)The Board of Aldermen and the Mayor are the only authorized people to enter into a contract as the "City of Kimmswick." The City Park and the field adjacent to City Hall are owned and operated by the City of Kimmswick Government. City Hall hours are generally from 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday. Further information about City of Kimmswick Government operations and sponsored events can be obtained from the City of
Kimmswick website
City Clerk @
The historic Anheuser Estate and Museum in Kimmswick is located at the east end of the city just across the Windsor Harbor Road bridge. The estate's home and museum are open for walk in tours every Thursday from noon to 4:00pm for walk-ins, including groups and individuals. Admission is $5 per person all proceeds from the tours are placed in the Anheuser trust fund and used for the upkeep of the property. For information  email The Estate and Museum are owned and operated by the City of Kimmswick Government and all inquiries regarding the use of the property should be taken to City Hall. Restaurants in Kimmswick are allowed to provide lunch and tour combination packages. However, visitors are not required to by these packages in order to tour the museum.
Kimmswick Business Directory

The Kimmswick Historical Society Museum located at Third and Vine Streets. Hours of Operation are Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00pm. You can View a slide show of the history of Kimmswick, tour the Museum, and tour the Burgess Howe House a restored 1840’s Log House. Tours are available by reservation for other days of the week. For more information call 636-464-TOUR (636-464-8687) The Historical Society provides a printed directory of the historic buildings in Kimmswick for $4.00.

The Kimmswick Post Office Restoration Project
The City of Kimmswick has a charming little Post Office and it is one of Kimmswick's most beloved places. The Post Office building was held under the stewardship of Lucianna Gladney-Ross who, in December 2010, donated the building to the City of Kimmswick. The building needs lots of work and it is going to be a long and hard project for which we are appealing to your hearts for support. Please come and see this wonderful little Post Office and please help preserve it by donating today. Located on Front Street, The Post Office is now operated as a community Post Office under contract with the Unite States Postal Service. Read More...
The Kimmswick Visitor Center is located on Market Street
across from  Historical Society's Apple Butter Shed. The Visitor Center is operated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is controlled by the Kimmswick Merchant's Association. The Center provides restrooms and information about the shops and restaurants located in the City of Kimmswick. Call 636-464-6464 for more information..

Map of Kimmswick

Printable Map of Kimmswick with streets, buildings, and shops Click here to open (Acrobat Reader is required)

Kimmswick City Hall is located at 6041 Third Street, Kimmswick, MO 63053
Mail should be sent to City of Kimmswick, Post Office Box 27, Kimmswick MO USA 63053-0027
City Hall hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm.
Telephone: (636) 464-7407  Fax: (636) 464-4777  Police Department: (636) 464-7407 Emergency: 911
This is the Official website of the City of Kimmswick Government.