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Kimmswick, historic charm on the Mississippi River since 1859

City of Kimmswick,
Missouri 63053

Kimmswick Historical Society & Museum

Visit the Kimmswick Historical Society Museum located at Third and Vine Streets.


Hours of Operation:

Saturday and Sunday

1:00 pm to 4:00pm

View a slide show of the history of Kimmswick.

Tour the Museum

Tour Burgess Howe House a restored 1840ís Log House


Tours are available by reservation for other days of the week.

For More Information write or call:

636.464.TOUR - (636.464.8687)

Kimmswick Historical Society

PO Box 41

Kimmswick, MO 63053


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The Kimmswick Historical Society meets monthly on the first Monday at 7:00 P.M. In the Kimmswick Hall located at the corner of Third and Vine Streets. All are welcome to attend.

The Restoration of Kimmswick


Many old buildings that had played such a vital part in early Kimmswick history were gradually disappearing. It was the glaring loss of these historic buildings that generated in the mind of Lucianna Gladney-Ross the idea of the restoration project. In 1970, the restoration began, with several of the old homes being renovated, with many more to follow. A unique feature of this renovation project can be seen on the blocks bound by Second, Elm, Third and Oak Streets. Old Log buildings were moved there from other areas that they too, might be preserved. (Read more about Lucianna Gladney-Ross)  

Visit the Windsor Harbor Road bridge which was built in 1874 and now spans Rock Creek. The bridge is also now on the National Register, and is the oldest known wrought iron span in Missouri. (Read more and see photos)
Historic Buildings in Kimmswick

Arnold House c. 1865

Bakery c. 1880

Barbagallo House c. 1850

Barber Shop c. 1900

Blacksmith Shop c. 1847

Burgess-How House & Museum c. 1840s

Candy Shop c. 1876

City Hall c. 1903

Dougherty House c. 1896

Former Black School House c. 1899

Gerard-Grimshaw c. 1895

Gerard-Kratochwil House c. 1909

Hermann – O’Heam House c. 1859

Kimm Family Cemetery c. 1872

Kimmswick Post Office c. 1914

Kirk House c. 1888

Little Ziegler House c. 1918

Maul House c. 1872

Meyer Building c. 1875

Naumann-Wittu Building c. 1890

Old Ziegler Store c. 1913

Rauschenbach Building c. 1884

Ruess-Terry House c. 1866

Schad-Caldwell House c. 1865

Tavern c. 1900

The Market c. 1877

The Old House c. 1770

Vaughn-Nies House c. 1866

Wagner House c. 1880

Wenom-Drake House c. 1877

Windsor Harbor Road Bridge c. 1874

Winery c. 1859

Yellow House c. 1872

Ziegler House c. 1879

Ziegler-Escoffier Building c. 1940

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