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Kimmswick, historic charm on the Mississippi River since 1859

City of Kimmswick,
Missouri 63053

Lucianna Gladney-Ross: the benefactress of Kimmswick

In 1970 Lucianna Gladney-Ross, heiress to much of the 7-UP company fortune, launched an energetic restoration project that literally saved the City of Kimmswick. Restoration work was done on numerous old homes. A unique feature of this renovation project can be seen on the block bounded by Second, Elm, Third and Oak Streets. Old log buildings from throughout St. Louis county and surrounding areas were dismantled, their logs numbered, and re-assembled in Kimmswick so that they too might be preserved.
Mrs. Ross became known as the benefactress of the city of Kimmswick. Her husband, Walter Ross, was a newsman for the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch for many years. Lucianna Gladney-Ross has also served on the board of directors of the Missouri Botanical Garden which has a reputation of being one of the leading botanical gardens in the world. Mrs. Ross was also a recipient of the Rozier Award from the Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation.
For her many years of work with the City of Kimmswick, the Jefferson County Growth and Development Association awarded Lucianna Gladney-Ross the Jeffersonian Award in 1993, which honors those who display civic involvement, integrity, exemplary service to the community and who make an impact on the lives of Jefferson County residents and businesses.
On January 24, 2012 Lucianna Gladney-Ross died at her
home in Saint Louis, Missouri
The Kimmswick Post Office Restoration Project
The Historic City of Kimmswick has a charming little Post Office and it is one of Kimmswick's most beloved places. A United States Post Office has been in continuous operation in the City of Kimmswick since 1858, making it one of the longest standing United States Postal Service operations in Missouri.
The Kimmswick Post Office is open from 9:00am to 12:00pm Monday through Saturday. It is by far the city's top meeting place because most residents and shop owners must go to the Post Office to pick up their mail and that is where the news of the day is exchanged and when decades old relationships are kindled. A walk to the Post Office is on the daily to-do-list of many of the city's 92 residents.
The current Post Office building, located at 6057 Front Street, Kimmswick, Missouri, 63053,  is about 100 years old and has the look and feel of a small town post office you would expect to see in a Norman Rockwell painting. The building was donated to the city by Lucianna Gladney-Ross in December 2010.
The building needs lots of work and the goal of the City of Kimmswick is to maintain that Norman Rockwell look and feel once the renovation is completed. It is going to be a long and hard project for which we are appealing to your hearts for support. Please come and see this wonderful little Post Office and please help preserve it by donating today. For more information contact the Kimmswick City Hall.