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The Historic River City – Kimmswick, Missouri was founded in 1859. It sits in the heartland, on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. To visit Kimmswick is a trip back into historic middle America. From the many preserved buildings, on the National Historic Register, to the many quaint shops and restaurants. Kimmswick is a destination and respite from the frequency of modern daily life. Kimmswick is home to many unique experiences, from the world famous Blue Owl Restaurant (with deserts praised by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Paula Dean) to the La Chance Winery in the Historic Old House Log building frequented by (Ulysses S. Grant and Paul Henry) and over 20 unique shops Kimmswick is a delight to the senses.

While Kimmswick is firmly anchored in the past, it has very aggressive and comprehensive plans for the future. The “National Treasure,” the Delta Queen Steamboat is scheduled to have its home port in Kimmswick. Most other riverboat companies are committed to cruise stops at Kimmswick, harkening back to the days when steamboats packed the Kimmswick shoreline. Tourist from around the globe will have the opportunity to partake in a uniquely American historical experience. The future for Kimmswick, in a few years, looks bright.

However, that will be the future, and this is now. Today, Kimmswick is staring into a financial “black hole”. Kimmswick’s budget is primarily funded by a merchant’s sales tax and our two regionally famous festivals. The Strawberry Festival and Apple Butter Festival alone, comprise 80% of the city’s revenue stream. Flood fighting in 2019 consumed over $150,000.00 of non-reimbursable funds, totally depleting our reserves. We were also forced to cancel the 2019 Strawberry Festival due to safety reasons. 2020 has been disastrous. COVID-19 forced a long-term closure of our businesses and cancellation of both festivals. By year’s end, Kimmswick will, for all practical purposes, be out of money.

We have explored all avenues of relief; federal, state and county funding to no avail. Kimmswick needs $200,000.00, to survive in 2021. We will have no employees or city services, without outside help.

If you love Kimmswick and/or historic places, please consider a donation to save Kimmswick, any amount will help,

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Mayor Phil Stang

The Historic River City,
Kimmswick, Mo

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