2024 Apple Butter Festival

 October 26th and 27th. 

  Click on this link to submit your application: 


2024 Apple Butter Festival Booth Space Rental Fees

Craft Vendor: $245 for a 10×10 space

Food Vendor: $345 for a 10×10 space 

Corporate Sponsorship: $550 for a 10×10 space 

Corporate Sponsorship – Additional Opportunities

Thousands of festival visitors will see your organization’s information. 

Kimmswick City Hall Porch Banner

$500.00 – Your banner will hang on the Kimmswick City Hall porch, where the ATM machines are located, from Friday morning until Monday morning.

Music Stage Sponsor

$750.00 – Sponsor our music stage.  Your banner will be displayed prominently on the front of the stage.  The band/performers will announce your company’s name several times throughout the day.  We will hang the banner on Friday am and remove it Sunday pm.

Shuttle Bus Sponsor

$1100.00 – Have your banner displayed on both sides of one shuttle bus, (we will hang it and remove it) for both days from 9 am to 6 pm.  

Important Notices


If you are a food vendor that uses any heating source please contact Rock Community Fire Protection District for permit and regulations.

Call  636-296-2211 or click on logo for link to their web page.

Food and beverage vendors are responsible for obtaining their necessary permits or licenses from the Jefferson County Health Department. Note that the department will be present at all festivals in the City of Kimmswick to conduct inspections.